Safely Back in Paris, Brigitte Macron Breaks Her Silence on Melania Trump


France’s “first lady” (that not her official title) first met our First Lady, Melania Trump, last July.

So, when French President Emmanuel Macron visited the White House last week, the media wondered how his wife, Brigitte, and Melania would get along during a more intimate time together.

They seemed to get along fine, but looks can be deceiving, especially when disseminated by America’s mainstream media.

Now, safely back in Paris, Brigitte Macron has spilled the beans on Melania in an interview with local media, which was picked up by the British and American press.

Melania Trump, said France’s first lady, is a “charming, intelligent…very open” and “actually really fun” woman.

But, Brigitte lamented that Melania “cannot do anything. She can’t even open a window at the White House. She can’t go outside. She’s much more constrained than I am. I go out every day in Paris.”

If she thinks being unable to go out in public is bad, Brigitte should take a look at how the liberal media here treats Melania.

Bottom line – the liberal leaders of France had nothing but praise for Melania Trump.

Why can’t liberals here in America see that?

Via Newser

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