Russian Jets Buzz US Warship, But Then Something Happens They Did NOT Expect


President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin may have a certain degree of respect for one another. But make not mistake about it, they are on a collision course.

America can only be great again in the way Trump means by standing up to what Russia is doing around the world.

Putin knows this, too, and has been “testing” Trump in different ways since the inauguration.

In one incident that occurred on February 10, Russian fighter jets buzzed a US warship on the Black Sea.

The jets can be seen coming so close to the ship that the sailors can see the pilots.

But then something happened the Russians didn’t expect.

The US warship opened fire.

A series of warning shots from the USS Porter quickly scared off the Russian jets.

They’d probably gotten use to the weakness of the US military under Obama. But they’ll soon learn that with Trump at the helm, the US military is back on top.

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H/T Conservative Tribune

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