Russia Warns Us After Biden Calls Putin A ‘War Criminal’


The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned U. S. Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan on Monday and handed him a “note of protest” in response to President Joe Biden’s “unacceptable statements” toward Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Biden called Putin a “war criminal,”  “a murderous dictator” and “a pure thug who is waging an immoral war against the people of Ukraine” in a series of comments Wednesday and Thursday.

The ministry, apparently responding to Biden’s “war criminal” statements, said that the comments were “unworthy of a statesman of such a high rank” and “put Russian-American relations on the verge of breaking.”

“Hostile actions taken against Russia would receive a decisive and firm rebuff,” the statement added.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said that Sullivan “took advantage” of being summoned by Russian government officials, and asked for “consular access to all U. S. citizen detainees in Russia.”

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