Russia-Ukraine: Stefanik Says Biden’s ‘Weakness’ Has Made World Less Safe


House GOP Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik issued tough criticism of President Biden’s “failed leadership” after Russia invaded Ukraine despite warnings from the White House and U. S. allies to stand down.

“President Biden’s weakness on the world stage has emboldened our adversaries, look no further than Ukraine and Afghanistan,” Stefanik, R-N. Y., said in an exclusive statement to Fox News Digital. “The world is less safe because of his failed leadership.”

The No. 3 House Republican also slammed Russian President Vladimir Putin and took shots at the media for coming to Biden’s defense.

“I will say it again: Putin is a deranged thug and authoritarian war criminal,” Stefanik told Fox News Digital. “The liberal media, who pushed the Russia hoax, is now serving as Joe Biden’s stenographers and melting down over the truth that Biden’s weakness has caused the world to be less safe. And the American people know it.”

Stefanik faced criticism Thursday for an earlier statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine that called Biden “weak, feckless, and unfit President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief.”

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl said Stefanik’s statement “spends more time attacking the American president than Vladimir P… (Read more)

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