Rush Limbaugh Drops the Hammer on Barack Obama and His Media Collaborators


If there is one man who isn’t going to let Barack Obama just walk away, it’s Rush Limbaugh.

The popular radio talk show host is going to continue hounding the former president until he answers for what might amount to crimes against this nation.

A transcript over at RushLimbaugh.com has Rush commenting on the failed Mueller investigation and fresh revelations that the Obama Administration abused its power to spy on Donald Trump:

So the Clinton spokesman is admitting that the Obama administration was spying and trying to justify it. Well, what happened to all these outright denials like from Comey: Best I can tell it’s made up. I don’t find it possible. I know it’s not true. Adam Schiff: There’s no evidence to support any allegation. Josh Schwerin: Damn right we were spying, we had every reason to spy. This bunch was colluding with Russia. I’m glad they spied.

Wow. This is a 180. But he told a gigantic whopper. And again, I don’t know if these people are just flat-out ignorant and have believed every step of the narrative that’s been assembled or if they are knowingly lying. His outright lies is, “Hey, look. One of our allied nations, in this case Australia, came to the FBI. They say a Trump aide says Russia has offered to help. They’ve got to investigate that.” That’s Alexander Downer and Papadopoulos. And how many times have you heard me say — you don’t even need me to say it, you know what happened.

H/T Kag Daily

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