Rush Limbaugh DROPS NUKE on Obama – Reveals His True Identity…


On Monday, it was confirmed that Barack Obama’s former national security advisor Susan Rice was the official who requested the unmasking of Donald Trump transition officials that were caught up in the surveillance of foreign officials. Now, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has broken down to his fans how exactly Obama spied on Trump during the election.

In the end, Rush noticed something that nobody else did, and it explains everything. Here’s what he had to say:

So instead they’re saying it’s a distraction because Rice didn’t do anything illegal. Except she did if she asked for this information without it being part of an investigation. And here’s something very important to remember folks. The White House cannot do investigations.

he White House does not do investigations. The FBI investigates. The CIA investigates. The NSA investigates. But the White House does not investigate.

So if the White House is investigating, something’s already very wrong. All the White House does — and the FBI director James Comey even admitted this in the most recent round of congressional hearings.

He said the White House is a consumer of what we do, meaning the White House would consume the results, the analysis, and the data of investigations they conduct.

The White House does not do investigations. And if the White House is doing investigations, it’s not because they’re looking into criminal things. It’s because they are engaged in political activity. The White House is not an investigative agency of the federal government. It is not. There are other elements of the executive branch that do investigations.

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