Rush Limbaugh Calls For Trump To “Take The Maga Rallies To Georgia”


Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh is calling on President Trump to take his rallies to Georgia, where two critical runoff races will determine control of the Senate.

Rush told his audience “I don’t know about you, but I’d kind of like to see President Trump in Georgia. I’d like to see some rallies. I’m not alone in this. We got two Senate seats that are very crucial, the runoffs, Perdue and Loeffler. We gotta get these seats secured. Otherwise, the left is gonna be able to — well, they’re not gonna be stoppable. It’s just gonna be dependent on what they want to do as to how far they go.”

“So, those two Senate races, Perdue, Loeffler, they’re really crucial, and I think Trump is still the Republican Party. He’s still MAGA,” Rush continued “He could still go down there and do some rallies and secure those two Senate seats. I don’t mean yesterday or today. But the runoffs, the elections are on June the 5th. So, time is of the essence.”

Rush then warned “A”lso, in Georgia… You know, I mentioned mere moments that it would be great if there were some MAGA rallies in Georgia for the two Republican Senate candidates. Here’s another one. The Never Trumpers… (laughs) Are you ready? The Never Trumpers are saying Mitch McConnell will let the country burn if it means electing these two people.”

“If it means having a Republican-majority Senate, Mitch McConnell will let this country burn. “Cocaine Mitch,” they call him at this place. (laughing) But it would be nice, wouldn’t it? I mean, to have some kind of a showing of MAGA in Georgia for these seats. ‘Cause it does matter,” he added.m

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