Rubio: The Left Is Using The Capitol Riot As ‘An Opportunity To Destroy The Right’


Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said Sunday that instead of seeking common ground with its adversaries after Wednesday’s Capitol riot “the left has decided this is an opportunity to destroy the right.”

“It was a moment where we could sort of say ‘this is enough, guys.’ I mean our country can’t keep doing these things and unify the country,” Rubio told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“That’s not what’s happened unfortunately. The left has decided this is an opportunity to destroy the right, so if you ever voted for Donald Trump, if you ever supported anything he did, you are just as guilty as the people who went into that Capitol,” he said.

Rubio described the riot as “disgusting” and “unpatriotic” and said it “runs counter to everything we stand for. Although he said he couldn’t account for everyone who assaulted the building, “you’ve got white supremacists in there, you’ve got members of the Proud Boys.”

The senator said it was “a rogue gallery of groups … who thought they were going to storm the Capitol, apprehend the vice president and members of Congress and have them pay the ultimate of price as they called it —  string them up they would say.”

Rubio said the riot was “completely unacceptable” and that “90% of the country or more would agr… (Read more)

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