Rosie O’Donnell’s latest Trump bash crosses the line.


Rosie O’Donnell has been promoting, through her Twitter account, a controversial online game that allows users to PUSH a likeness of President Trump OFF A CLIFF!

Ridiculous.  These two have had an on-going verbal battle with Ms. O’Donnell attacking Trump, Melania and Barron through Twitter and other sources. Admittedly Trump has done his share, calling Rosie a “loser” and making fun of her weight. But this, like the Kathy Griffin controversy with the bloodied head she held, is just a bit too far.

Despite his verbal jousts, he has never threatened either of the “stars” with death.

Players of the controversial game can either push Trump off a cliff, into a volcano, into a manhole, or have him eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Her latest tweet to the President was “u r going 2 jail” posted to Trump’s account Tuesday.

We will see where this goes, as of yet, she has not retracted her threat referring to the online game.  Kathy Griffin eventually did, stating “I understand how it offends people,” adding, “I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my career.”

Oh yes.  You have.  And it has cost them both.

Stay tuned, I assure you, this is not over.

Source: ABC News

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