Rosie O’Donnell Makes a Dangerous Threat Against Trump, and the Secret Service Might Now Get Involved


Isn’t it about time to lock up the likes of Rosie O’Donnell, who has made repeated subversive threats against a sitting president?

I mean, if a loudmouth Republican activist were to suggest that the US military stage a coup against Barack Obama during his presidency, that individual would face serious legal problems.

At the very least, you can be certain that Democrats would have been calling for that activist to be prosecuted and possibly even jailed as a threat to national security.

And yet, that’s precisely what O’Donnell did during an appearance on MSNBC on Thursday, and with frightening impunity.

“I want to send the military to the White House to get him,” O’Donnell said of President Trump, while commenting on his threat to have the US military close the border with Mexico.

The remark might seem harmless enough at face value, until you add it to all the other dangerous statements to come out of O’Donnell’s mouth over the past two years.

There’s also the fact that enough looney liberals in this country take their cue from blowhards like O’Donnell, so while the so-called “comedienne” might not do anything illegal herself, there’s the very real possibility that her words will convince someone else to do so.

Via Fox News

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