Rosie O’Donnell Calls For Trump To Be ARRESTED – Immediately Gets Shut Down


Rosie O’Donnell has been in a feud with Donald Trump for over a decade, so it was pretty much her worst nightmare coming true when he beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

Since Trump was inaugurated, Rosie has stepped up her vile attacks on him in a desperate attempt to make herself more relevant. Unfortunately for her, however, she is failing miserably.

Twitchy reported that Rosie took to Twitter this week to claim that Trump has committed the crime of treason, implying that his presidency will end with him being sent to prison.

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Schermata 2017-02-28 alle 18.10.19

This came a day after Rosie called on the IRS to “steal” Trum’s taxes and release them.

Schermata 2017-02-28 alle 18.12.02

Sadly for Rosie, her fellow Twitter users let her know just how insane and pathetic she really is.

Schermata 2017-02-28 alle 18.13.09

Schermata 2017-02-28 alle 18.13.43

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