Rosenstein Confirms Obama Spied on Trump Camp Much Earlier Than Previously Stated, Body Language Expert Claims


The Gateway Pundit reports:

The expert from Bombards Body Language again released an excellent analysis of the corrupt left wing members and this time it was of dishonest Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and his accomplice FBI Director Christopher Wray in front of Congress.

During her 45 minute analysis, the expert points out at the 15 minute mark that Rosenstein confirms that the Obama Administration spied on the Trump Campaign before the date they earlier stated was when their illegitimate spying began.

Take a look at the body language analysis in the video below:

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein’s body language leaves us believing that the man actually doesn’t have a conscious or that he may be on some kind of psychoactive drug. The Internet body language expert actually called Rosenstein “the devil” at one point during her analysis. Things are not looking good for the former administration. Together, President Trump and Congress are banning together to take down the corrupt politicians who infiltrated the Trump Camp.

Recall back to May, when Fox News host Tucker Carlson did a segment on the lies of the Obama administration. He explained that the American people were being lied to. The Obama administration told us time and time again that there was no spying on the Trump Campaign.

Take a look at the clip below:

Carlson stated, “Today, disgraced bureaucrat Jim Comey claimed the FBI didn’t really spy on the Trump campaign. He said they used ‘confidential human sources’ which, by the way, is what the FBI calls spies. As Comey put it, facts matter. Hilarious! But then Comey turned serious or as serious as a buffoon can. Spying on the Trump campaign, he said, was tightly regulated and essential to protecting the country. Comey went on to point out that asking any questions about any of this will “do lasting damage” to America. In other words, hey, serfs, shut up and obey.”

It’s time to blow the lid off of the lies of the Obama administration and the Deep State.

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