Rose McGowan Calls Out Hollywood, ‘Chickensh*t Celebs’: ‘If You Are Profiting from Known Monsters YOU Are a Monster’


Actress Rose McGowan called out Hollywood on Friday, demanding “chickenshit” celebrities to “clean house” and warning if they are profiting from “known monsters,” they are, in fact, the “monsters” themselves.

“Dear Hollywood, YOU MUST CLEAN HOUSE. If you are profiting from known monsters YOU are a monster. And to all you chickenshit celebs I promise this, if you do not start blowing your goddamn truth whistles you will fade away. We see you. The time is now,” Rose McGowan said in a tweet to her 991k Twitter followers in reference to the mounting allegations against powerful Hollywood producer Scott Rudin.

McGowan’s missive follows a Wednesday report from the Hollywood Reporter, detailing years of alleged abusive workplace behavior displayed by the Oscar-winning Hollywood producer, who is credited with producing the 1993 Tom Cruise movie The Firm. The report includes allegations of Rudin throwing a stapler at an assistant and calling him a “retard” and smashing a computer monitor on an assistant’s hand.

AS Breitbart News detailed:

The Reporter‘s story includes an incident in 2012 when Rudin became so enraged that one of his assistants failed to book him a seat on a sold-out flight that he allegedly smashed an Apple computer monitor on the assistant’s hand. The screen reportedly shattered, leaving the young man bleeding. The assistant went to the emergency room while Rudin dialed his lawyer.

The victim ultimately received three associate producing credits and a monetary settlement, anonymous sources told the Reporter. Most bullying claims against Rudin are settled quietly, a legal source told the trade journal.

In another incident from 2018, Rudin allegedly threw a baked potato at an assistant for not knowing why people from indie distributor A24 were waiting in the lobby. “He threw it at me, and I dodged a big potato. He was like, ‘Well, find out, and get me a new potato,’” the former assistant told the Reporter.

McGowan responded on Thursday, writing, “Tom Cruise to Trey Parker. They all know.”

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