Robert Mueller Is Losing Ground


Maybe it is time for Robert Mueller to give it up the investigation on the “Russian Collusion.” It’s been a year, Mueller has spent approximately $3.5 million taxpayers dollars and all he got was General Flynn lying to the FBI.

In addition to not producing any hard evidence against President Trump, Mueller’s team has been exposed to being extremely bias towards the Trump campaign and very Pro-Hillary.

From The Washington Examiner:

A series of bias allegations and media errors related to the Russia probe this week offered President Trump’s allies the opportunity to push back on a controversy that has begun to ensnare members of the president’s inner circle.

White House officials received a gift from special counsel Robert Mueller’s team this week in the form of revelations about questionable behavior exhibited by an investigator and an attorney attached to the Russia probe.

A former member of Mueller’s outfit, investigator Peter Strzok, received a demotion this summer after he allegedly sent anti-Trump, pro-Hillary Clinton text messages to his mistress, who was also an FBI employee. Strzok played a prominent role in the bureau’s Clinton email investigation before he joined Mueller’s team, multiple outlets reported this week.

A prosecutor presently on Mueller’s legal team sent an email to former acting Attorney General Sally Yates in late January praising her decision to defy Trump’s travel ban executive order, according to documents released to conservative group Judicial Watch this week.

Andrew Weissmann, the attorney, also attended Clinton’s election-night party in New York last year, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

And three separate reporting blunders involving the Russia investigation in the span of just one week dealt a blow to the media’s credibility at an opportune moment for Trump, who has long decried the investigation as the product of “fake news.”

But, the White House remained largely silent on the string of developments, leaving its allies and supporters to begin prosecuting the case against Mueller’s investigation.

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