Rival Coffee Company Has PERFECT Response to Starbucks Hiring 10,000 Refugees


Starbucks protested President Trump’s temporary restriction on immigration from some Muslim nations by announcing it would hire 10,000 Muslim refugees.

A rival coffee company – Black Rifle Coffee Company – had a perfect, PRO-AMERICA response to that.

Black Rifle Coffee said that it would match Starbucks’ commitment by hiring 10,000 US MILITARY VETERANS!

“Hiring vets is not PR for me. It’s who we are,” Black Rifle CEO Evan Hafer told Fox & Friends.

Hafer is himself an Army vet, and he lamented that far too many vets are now unemployed.

But Black Rifle went even further.

One of the company’s more popular types of coffee is known as “Thin Blue Line.” And all profits from that particular coffee go to the pro-police charity Blue Lives Matter.

The Black Rifle Coffee Company website says it all:

“Patriotism, honor and sacrifice; three words that hipsters, (most) millennials and as of recently … an NFL quarterback know nothing about.”

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H/T Conservative Tribune

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