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Rioters Storm Mayor’s Home, Injure Police and Burn American Flags


It’s becoming difficult to determine who’s more of a threat to law and order in America these days – Islamist terrorists or alt-left thugs.

In an attack that left just as many casualties and destruction in its wake as a major Muslim terrorist attack, liberal rioters stormed the home of the mayor of St. Louis and injured a number of police officers in the process.

They were unhappy with a court’s failure to convict a former police officer involved in the shooting of a black youth.

The system hadn’t met their liberal demands, and so they decided to throw democracy, law and order out the window and go on a rampage.

Does that sound reasonable to any of you?

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

About 1,000 protesters surrounded the home of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson in the Central West End late Friday, breaking at least two windows and throwing red paint at the brick house before some 200 police in riot gear moved in to break it up.

A total of nine police officers had been reported injured as of 9 p.m., including one officer with a dislocated shoulder and an officer with a possible broken jaw…

Two of the city police officers were injured by thrown bricks, police said. They were taken to a hospital, with one officer’s injuries described as “serious.” A third officer was hurt but declined treatment.

Police spokeswoman Schron Jackson said early Saturday that police arrested 32 people Friday. She did not have more details, but said the names of those arrested and the charges they face “are forthcoming.” 

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Mostly peaceful protests following the not-guilty verdict in the murder trial of former police Officer Jason Stockley turned into unrest after dark, as police officers responded to several locations throughout the Central West End. 

Later, protesters in the Central West End were pulling down American flags that lined the streets on Euclid, and burned several of them.

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