RINO John Kasich Just INSULTED Every Single Republican! – “SMALL ANGRY NARROW”


Governor John Kasich labeled today’s Republicans as ‘small, angry and narrow’ in a recent interview asking host Chuck Todd “Is the party in a better place than it was at the start of this year or in a worse place, and where are you?

Are you prouder to be a Republican today than you were at the start of this year?”

John Kasich, Ohio Governor classified as a Republican, but the type that is corrupted on so many issues might as well freely say he is a Democrat.

Kasich still claims he is a Republican, a ‘proud one’ actually, “Well, I’m always proud to be a Republican, but the party is my vehicle, never been my master. Chuck, when you look at Alabama, there’s some very interesting things. 20,000 — they think 20,000 Republicans voted for somebody that wasn’t on the ballot. I would also say Senator Shelby, he spoke out and said he was not for the candidate down there.” – claims Kasich.

“In other words, we’re beginning to see more of a tug-of-war pulling people towards a better position on the party. That’s my sense. And in terms of — so, I’m kind of optimistic with some of the things, but here’s the thing, two paths. There are some in the party that look at problems, and they’re negative and they’re angry and they’re small, and there’s other people that look at the problems and say we can fix them.” – he continued.

So, instead of losing the future, which is what we’re doing today, turning off Millennials. Let me just give you an example. can you explain to me why the Republican party that’s a majority in the House and the Senate with a Republican president don’t tell the DREAMers, the DACA kids that they’re going to be able to stay in the United States? That makes no sense. And the idea that they were just going to get rid of Obamacare, which needs to be reformed, and then people were going to lose their health insurance, what are they thinking?” – he added.

John Kasich is so soft and corrupted that he has almost no rights to speak for the Republicans, he is proven to be a thorn in Trump’s administration and might as well call himself a Democrat. No one would be surprised.

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