Right After Resigning, President Trump Gave Sheriff David Clarke The Greatest Job Of His Life


Just hours ago it was announced that Sheriff David Clarke was resigning from his job in Milwaukee County but nobody knew why.

Well, now we do…Thanks to 2 anonymous sources talking to Politico, the new rumor is that:

President Trump is expected to name Sheriff Clarke to a MAJOR position in the White House.

Wow. That would be a huge job. Even if he is not the new Secretary of Homeland Security, there are plenty of major jobs for a tough cop like Sheriff David Clarke.

When asked directly about the new job, Clarke simply responded, “I’ll talk about my future plans next week.”

The rumor from the 2 “sources” is that Trump is gonna give Clarke a position that will NOT need Senate confirmation. To be fair, those Senate things can take MONTHS with the obstructionist Dems.

This will also be the second time Trump has offered Sheriff Clarke a job. Back in June Clarke was offered a position in the Department of Homeland Security. However, at the last minute, Clarke turned it down. Looks like he finally changed his mind.

Let’s help give Sheriff Clarke the warm welcome he deserves by sharing this everywhere as soon as possible.

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