Rick Harrison, Pawn Star, Comes Out of the Closet & Annihilates Barack Obama’s Legacy


Rick Harrison is a hard working American.

Richard Kevin “Rick the Spotter” Harrison is an American, Las Vegas-based businessman and reality television personality, best known as the co-owner of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, as featured on the History series Pawn Stars.

He keeps his personal life and personal opinions somewhat of a mystery. But there are certain things Harrison doesn’t feel comfortable keeping quiet about.

He explained how Barack Obama made it extremely difficult for him to simply do his job and make money. Harrison explained that Obama is a total hypocrite who made it “literally a nightmare” to run a small business.

Harrison was quoted saying, “The effect of the eight years of Obama is finally showing up.”

Thanks God, we have Trump in the White House that is going to fix Obama’s legacy that was destroying America!

Harrison explained of his business, “We had .7 GDP [growth]…in the last quarter, and if you figure GDP the way we did four years ago, that would be negative growth. Four years ago…they decided all research and development [suddenly] goes into the plus column instead of the expense column and…it was a way the administration actually boosted up GDP.”

In shorter terms, Obama’s people “cooked the books.” They purposely lied in order to make the American economy look better than it really was.

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H/T: Fox Business

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