Rex Tillerson SHUTS DOWN Tim Kaine Over Global Warming


Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, demonstrated on Wednesday just how little anyone cares about what Hillary Clinton’s former running mate, Senator Tim Kaine, thinks about anything. Especially global warming.

During Tillerson’s Senate confirmation hearing, Kaine asked a very hostile and very loaded question. Tillerson’s glib response had the whole room laughing.

As we all know, Tillerson was CEO of Exxon Mobil, the world’s largest oil company, up until being tapped by Trump to serve his nation.

And that makes him one of the biggest targets around for global warming scaremongers. Among them Senator Tim Kaine.

When it was Kaine’s turn to ask a question of Tillerson on Wednesday, he squandered the opportunity by bringing up an issue almost entirely irrelevant to role of secretary of state.

“I’m asking you whether those allegations about Exxon Mobil’s knowledge of climate science and decision to fund and promote a view contrary to its awareness of the science, whether those allegations are true or false,” demanded Kaine.

In other words, did Tillerson know, back in the 1970s, that some scientists had misgivings about what burning fossil fuels was doing to the environment. And if so, was he involved in any decisions to debunk those misgivings.

It should be noted, and Tillerson has done so several times, that he is not a global warming naysayer. He believes the risk does exist, but feels the science remains dubious.

But Kaine’s question was simply out of place. And Tillerson let him know it, much to the amusement of everyone else in the room.

Tillerson told Kaine that he could not answer that question as he no longer works for Exxon Mobil.

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Kaine pressed: “Do you lack the knowledge to answer my question or are you refusing to answer my question?”

And then Tillerson shut him down: “A little of both.”

Laughter was heard throughout the room, and Kaine bowed his head in humiliation.

Source: The Blaze

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