REVEALED: How Hillary GROVELED to Obama After Losing to Trump


Hillary Clinton has taken her defeat in the presidential election like a spoiled brat.

But on election night, as it became clear that Donald Trump would be our next president, Clinton was behaving more like a whipped puppy.

What can only be described as Hillary GROVELING to Barack Obama is detailed in the new book “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Election Campaign.”

From the Daily Mail:

Hillary Clinton phoned Barack Obama on election night after conceding defeat and told him: ‘I’m sorry’.

The Democratic Presidential candidate stepped into an anteroom for the conversation to apologize for losing to Donald Trump in a conversation which has never previously been reported.

As she took the call Clinton knew she had ‘let her country down’ and that Obama’s legacy lay ‘shattered at Donald Trump’s feet’, a new book reveals.

Minutes earlier Clinton had called Trump and suppressed ‘the anger that touched every nerve in her body’ as she conceded.

She said: ‘Congratulations, Donald. ‘I’ll be supportive of the country’s success and that means your success as president.’

Political journalists Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes tell the hour by hour drama of how Clinton’s confidence at her victory was replaced by anxiety and resignation as Trump won the biggest upset in modern political history on November 9 last year.

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Hillary Clinton is a joke as a leader.

Can you imagine what kind of ruin she’d have brought upon America had she actually won the election?


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