Rev. Graham Demolishes Professor That Won’t Allow Student To Read His Bible Before Class… [VIDEO]


It’s apparently okay to read history books at Northern Arizona University, but not the Bible.

Mark Holden, a 22-year-old history major, tells me he was ordered to leave a lecture hall after his professor objected to him reading the Bible before the start of the class.

Holden alleges that Professor Heather Martel ordered him to put away the Good Book around six minutes before a scheduled history class.

It’s unclear why she objected to the reading of God’s Word. 


Rev. Graham has something to say to the Professor:

Talk about oppressive? Reports say that a professor at Northern Arizona University wanted to have student Mark Holden leave the lecture hall because he was reading his Bible before class even started—it was offensive to her. What an example of intolerance! Well, it should be offensive to all of us that this teacher violated a student’s religious freedom rights.

The media reports that this professor also teaches a class on Global Queer History. It’s also offensive to me that a public university would take taxpayer money to offer classes like this. Shame on the Northern Arizona University! I hope the people of Arizona will let them know that some changes should be made. This is another example of why it is important that our president continue to give attention to religious freedom issues as he has this week.

Would you take a moment to encourage Mark for his strong stand in the comments below?

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