BREAKING: Ret. FBI Supervisor Says Dep. Director Gave Him Orders To Protect Hillary


Florida Republican Representative Ron DeSantis revealed in his testimony that there is extreme political bias present in the FBI, and it’s a lot worse than we ever could have imagined.

The Hill reported on Wednesday that DeSantis stated that he interviewed a retired FBI supervisor who actually confided in him that Deputy Director Andrew McCabe told agents at the FBI that they were to cover for failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton. They were also told specifically not to talk about the 2012 Benghazi attack and not to refer to it as an act of terrorism.

During the days after the Benghazi attack, the Obama administration tried their best to place blame for the attack on Muslims who were apparently angry over an anti-Islam video that was posted to YouTube. They tried to tell us that the attack was not an act of terror. Obviously this was not true. DeSantis stated that the directive which came from McCabe proves just how politically biased the FBI has become in recent years.

DeSantis posed a rhetorical question saying, “What operational reason would there be to issue an edict to agents telling them, in the face of virtually conclusive evidence to the contrary, not to categorize the Benghazi attack as a result of terrorism?”

He went on to say, “By placing the interests of the Obama administration over the public’s interests, the order is yet another data point highlighting the politicization of the FBI.”

The outing of the Leftist bias in the FBI isn’t just because of this one case, however. It was just last week that we first heard about the demotion of FBI investigator Peter Strzok. Strzok was found exchanging text messages with his mistress that were blatantly anti-Trump. He was found to have changed the language in former FBI Director James Comey’s speech in such a way that exonerated Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified information via emails.

However, that wasn’t the only case of corruption going on in the FBI. A member of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team, top attorney Andrew Weissmann, actually praised then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates following her instructions to Justice Department lawyers to not enforce President Trump’s travel ban. Weissmann also served as the FBI’s General Counsel under Robert Mueller.

It’s obvious that the FBI has a very clear political agenda. The agency is supposed to be totally unbiased. They were instituted to protect the American people from criminal activities, but it has become clear that this is not their main priority. Now, Republican lawmakers are saying that they believed Hillary Clinton’s case was tainted and that she received special treatment. It was reported by the Hill that they would be voicing their concerns about the FBI turning into a politically biased organization during a Thursday hearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee.

Representative Matt Gaetz stated, “We are here today calling for an investigation into FBI systems and procedures that have allowed special treatment and bias to run rampant. The law demands equal treatment for all, not ‘special’ treatment for some. There is a clear and consistent pattern of treating the Clinton investigation differently than other investigations.”

“Politicized” and “corrupt” are not words that should be used to talk about the FBI, but unfortunately this is where we have found ourselves in 2017.

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H/T: The Hill

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