Republicans Voted For Biden’s Infrastructure Bill After Securing Cash From Chamber Of Commerce


A total of 32 House and Senate Republicans helped push President Joe Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure package over the finish line, most of whom have been showered with campaign cash from the leading lobbying group behind the bill — the United States Chamber of Commerce.

The story is a fixture of Washington, D. C.’s swamp culture.

Elected lawmakers run for office, grabbing donations from special interest groups, then, after their election, voting for legislation supported by those special interest groups despite their constituents’ opposition.

In the case of Biden’s infrastructure bill, the Chamber had been lobbying for the measure since the start of the year. By July, Open Secrets reported that the Chamber had spent more than $12 million lobbying for the bill in the second quarter, alone. In the first quarter, the Chamber spent $17.5 million lobbying for the bill.

The Chamber’s intense lobbying focus proved successful when 13 House Republicans voted with Democrats last week to send the bill to Biden’s desk after 19 Senate Republicans, in August, helped pass the bill with Democrats.

The 32 House and Senate Republicans who voted for the bill are:

Campaign contributions reviewed by Breitbart News show that all but nine of the House and Senate Republicans took donat… (Read more)

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