Republicans Drop Major Lynch Accusation, It’s a Bombshell


Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election resulted in charges against Paul Manafort and his associate Rick Gates for unrelated crimes. As a result, many have been left wondering why charges — or an investigation, at least — haven’t been waged in the Democrat corruption rampant during the Obama administration, especially given the widespread evidence.

On Monday, three House Republicans appeared with Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs to discuss corruption and matters requiring investigation. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), told Dobbs, “Don’t forget Loretta Lynch is the one who had to specially approve the Russian agent coming into this country when she didn’t have a visa so she could have a meeting with Don Trump Jr., setting him up! So they could then say ‘oh look, Don Trump Jr., is meeting with this Russian agent so now we need warrants to wiretap these people.’”

Alongside Rep. Gohmert were Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), and Andy Biggs (R-AZ). The three are just a sampling of the House GOP members dissatisfied and frustrated with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ lack of action regarding these serious issues.

Dobbs announced to viewers, “It appears tonight General Sessions has put it under consideration” regarding an investigation into the Uranium One deal. Dobbs introduced the GOP members and told them directly, “This is the first genuine consequence of a congressional action on this issue that we have seen. And I just want to say not only congratulations, but thank you.

Rep. Biggs explained, “I’m glad that [Sessions] is finally taking some action. We’ve been calling for that. But I am concerned because, in his letter, he said he’s going to have it reviewed, in part, by Rod Rosenstein. And I think Rod Rosenstein is part of the problem.

He is,” Rep. Gohmert interjected.

I think we need to hold [Attorney] General Sessions accountable and get him to give us a real review. Give us a real Special Counsel, and let’s open this thing up and let’s follow where it leads.

Rep. Gaetz explained that Tuesday will be a big day as the House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing that will question Mr. Sessions on these issues. “The American people are tired of one legal standard for the Clintons, and then a totally separate legal standard for everyone else in the United States of America,” he said.

Rep. Gaetz further explained that Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation has been ongoing for six months and has produced nothing on alleged collusion crimes perpetrated by President Trump. Instead, the Democrats colluded when they paid Russians to dig up information on Mr. Trump, using Fusion GPS to do so. Rep. Gaetz stated, “What’s totally inappropriate would be to put Bob Mueller and Rod Rosenstein in the mix looking into these things because they are potential witnesses.

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Rep. Gohmert made the aforementioned remark about former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, implying that her visa approval of the Russian agent who met with Donald Trump Jr. was an intentional set-up to establish a reason for wiretapping.

We’re going to see that it was Rod Rosenstein and Bob Mueller who got those records sealed about the full Russian investigation,” Rep. Gohmert said. He then explained that if those records were available to the public, it could very well put Hillary Clinton behind bars.

If Attorney General Sessions has indeed begun to consider launching an investigation into these key issues, perhaps these records can finally come to light. Whether Mr. Mueller is replaced with a more objective Special Counsel or a second appointment is made, it is clear that these frustrated GOP members of Congress won’t rest until an investigation is underway. Hopefully, these corrupt Democrats can eventually be held accountable.

It appears that Loretta Lynch may have set up Donald Trump Jr. to look like he colluded with Russia. Do you think she did this on purpose?

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