Republican Party TRAITOR Unmasked Helping Criminal Illegal Aliens


The House last week passed Kate’s Law, a bill imposing harsh penalties on deported foreigners who try to return to the US.

As most can guess, the law was named after an American woman (Kate Steinle) who was murdered by an illegal alien who was repeatedly deported, but still managed to easily reenter our country multiple times.

Kate’s Law aims to prevent any more Americans from suffering Steinle’s tragic fate.

And despite being part of President Trump’s larger war on illegal immigration, the facts surrounding this bill were good enough to convince 24 Democrats to vote in favor.

But protecting the lives of innocent Americans apparently wasn’t enough of an incentive for a single dissenting Republican congressman.

Rep. Justin Amash (MI) so dislikes President Trump that he’d let his personal feelings cloud his judgment, and so voted against Kate’s Law.

The ONLY Republican to do so. Even when 24 Democrats backed the president, and the lives of innocent Americans.

Or, maybe Rep. Amash genuinely believes America would be better off opening its gates to illegal aliens, even those with criminal records.

After all, he also voted against the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, which would defund sanctuary cities for sheltering criminal aliens.

Either way, Rep. Amash needs to go. And Americans let him know it.

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H/T 100 Percent Fed Up

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