Republican Attorneys General Call For Dhs Chief Mayorkas To Resign Over Border ‘Disaster’


14 Republican attorneys general are calling for Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to resign due to the ongoing crisis at the southern border – the latest sign of increasing GOP pressure on the DHS chief.

“It is the core function of [DHS] to ‘secure the nation from the many threats we face’ Yet, since taking office, you have purposely taken repeated actions impairing the safety and security of Americans,” the attorneys general say in a letter, led by Florida AG Ashley Moody, to Mayorkas. “As you publicly boast about your abject refusal to enforce the laws enacted by Congress to keep us safe, our southwest border is a disaster and our nation is on the verge of a national security crisis.”

The letter cites the increased amount of fentanyl seized coming in from Mexico in FY 2021 – which can be fatal even in small doses – at the border, claiming that authorities have seized enough to “kill every man, woman, and child in our country six times over—an increase of over 30 percent since before you took office.”

The attorneys general, who have raised the issue of a large amount of fentanyl coming in across via the southern border before, point to the estimated tens of thousands of drug overdose deaths linked to fentanyl.

“The main cause for the extraordinary growth of both drug overdose deaths and opioid deaths is fentanyl. In each of our communities, we are even seeing teenagers taking a single pill laced with fentanyl and dying. The profound tragedy of these deaths and the grief faced by those American parents and families has caused us to conclude that your failed leadership must end,” they say.

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