Reports That Trump Plans to Step Down as President Has Liberals Fuming. You’d Think They’d Be Happy!


This is just a bit of fun for the holiday season, and because it’s so enjoyable to troll liberals.

A Facebook post that has gone viral informs viewers that President Trump plans to step down.

But, a closer read of the short post notes that the date Trump intends to leave the White House is January 20, 2025, right after his second term as president concludes.

No fake news there, Trump indeed will step down on that date.

But, liberals Facebook users who excitedly shared the post after nothing more than a cursory glance later claimed they had been deceived.

Actually, what happened is what happens far too often on Facebook and other news platforms these days – folks glanced at the headline, came to some kind of conclusion and then spread their own views based on that conclusion.

All without actually reading the details.

The first line of the post didn’t lie. Trump will step down. But without reading the details, how could one know WHEN he’ll step down?

It was a good lesson for many, and an even funnier prank for the rest of us.

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