Reporters Zoom-In on Document Signed by Kim and Trump to Find Potentially Troubling Clause


Just a year ago, America and North Korea appeared on the verge of war.

Liberals blamed President Trump for pushing us toward disaster. But, as many are coming to realize, Trump is a master strategist, and what appeared to many to be warmongering was actually bringing us closer to peace.

In an event many couldn’t have even imagined just six months ago, Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un met multiple times in Singapore on Monday, each time with wide grins on their faces.

At the conclusion of the surreal gathering, the two leaders signed a document the contents of which media outlets initially complained was being kept secret.

But following the signing, a photograph of snapped of the document with the signatures of Trump and Kim. Zooming in on the text revealed some of the points to which the two leaders had agreed:

And it was that vague promise of “security guarantees” that has many folks worried. What does it mean exactly? Did Trump promise not to resort to military force, even if North Korea fails to dismantle its nukes?

The Trump White House later posted the signed agreement online, highlighting what it felt were the main points:

  1. US & DPRK commit to establish new relations
  2. US & DPRK will join efforts to build lasting & stable peace on Korean Peninsula
  3. DPRK commits to work toward complete denuclearization of Korean Peninsula
  4. US & DPRK commit to recovering POW/MIA remains

Despite the document’s apparent vagueness, and the possibility of complicated and even problematic clauses, Trump was very upbeat:

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