Reporters Feel ‘Threatened’ By Trump’s Latest Anti-CNN Meme


Mainstream media journalists never tire of bashing President Trump. But when he hits back, suddenly they’re all crying foul.

Trump loves Twitter. And he loves online memes poking fun at his adversaries. But MSM crybabies say his latest Twitter meme post crossed the line, and made them feel “threatened.”

Breitbart reported:

President Donald Trump retweeted a meme shared by one of his supporters Tuesday morning, showing a cartoon “Trump Train” running into a person with CNN’s logo for a head.

“Fake news can’t stop the Trump Train,” the text of the cartoon meme read.

Trump’s decision to share the image triggered outrage from reporters, who compared it to Saturday’s violence in Charlottesville.

President Trump’s team later removed the retweeted post.

What do you think? Was Trump’s post insensitive?

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