Reporter Tries to Trash Trump Tax Reform and INSTANTLY Regrets Ever Doing the Interview


The liberal “fake news” media is determined to smear President Trump, the facts be damned.

Fortunately, some liberals are still level-headed enough to give Trump credit where it’s due, much to the frustration of journalists.

One can only imagine the embarrassment when ABC reporter Rebecca Jarvis tried to bait Apple CEO Tim Cook into saying Trump’s tax reform was designed solely to benefit the rich.

Cook’s a pretty liberal guy, and no fan of Trump, so Jarvis probably felt pretty good about her chances of getting a juicy anti-Trump quote.

Sadly for her, Cook’s also a businessman who recognizes a good deal when he sees it.

And Trump’s tax bill is a good deal, not only for corporations, but for the American worker.

Watch Cook inform Jarvis that by cutting corporate taxes, Trump enabled companies like Apple to create a LOT of new jobs in America:

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