Reporter Facing Two Years In Prison For ‘Misgendering’ Trans ‘Woman’


A British reporter is being threatened with prison time after she “misgendered” a transgender person which is a “hate crime.”

The most insane part is that the woman, a devout Catholic, has been the subject of a five month investigation for it, The Daily Mail reported.

Caroline Farrow, a broadcaster and writer for Roman Catholic newspapers, said she had a phone call from an officer on Monday asking her to attend an interview.

Mrs Farrow, 44, said she may have posted the suspect tweet following an appearance on Good Morning Britain last September, during which she took part in a debate on transgender children.

“I don’t know what I am suspected to have done. The only thing I can think of is that I may have referred to a 23-year-old transgender woman as someone’s ‘son,’” Farrow said.

“I try at all times to be polite on Twitter, but it is my belief on both a religious and scientific basis that you cannot change the sex into which you were born,” she said.

She added the officer said her tweets had ‘misgendered’ an individual by using the wrong pronoun, which could be an offence under the Malicious Communications Act.

Sentences for those found guilty under this act can be as long as two years.

The law makes it a crime to send messages that are indecent or grossly offensive, threatening, or contain information which is false or believed to be false, if the purpose for sending it is to cause distress or anxiety.

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