Reporter Exposes and Humiliate Hillary After She called Trump a Sexual Predator


Hillary has no limits, she would do anything to excuse her actions. During a recent interview with BBC, Andrew Marr questioned Hillary Clinton regarding his best friend and donor Harvey Weinstein.

As usual, she blamed somebody else. The Clinton foundation refused to send back the money received from Harvey.

During the interview she said something that shocked everybody, even the reporter: “We have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office.” Is she serious right now?

Let’s make this clear, the woman who married a sexual predator for 42 years is attacking our president Trump. Let’s remind her that Bill’s allegations came about during the time they were in office. Did she tolerate sexual abuse in the Oval Office?

Clinton used his position of power to sexually assault a 21 year old intern and pressure her into giving him oral sex while on the job. This is the Oval Office where Bill Clinton paid almost a million dollars to settle a sexual abuse lawsuit against Paula Jones. 

Needless to say, Andrew Marr was completely in shock after hearing such a ludicrous statement come out of even this woman’s mouth. He followed up the question by asking Hillary Clinton why she didn’t “support” the women who accused her husband of rape and sexual assault. I can honestly say that her response is sickening.

Let’s be clear. President Trump hasn’t been accused of anything near what Bill Clinton has been accused of. Hillary Clinton’s comments are disgusting and disheartening.

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