Reporter Attacks Sarah Sanders, Suggests Trump’s a Liar, Then She Drops The Hammer Leaving Him in Silence


White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is never afraid to tell liberal reporters how it is when they get out of line.

She did just that when White House Reporter Brian Karem tried to bash President Trump.

Karem has made a name for himself with extremely aggressive behavior, often interrupting whoever is speaking, including Sanders.

When special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation came up during the press briefing, Karem decided to push the boundaries and ask Sarah Huckabee Sanders how President Trump can say that none of his aides committed collusion. The reporter persistently asked “what if” Trump’s advisers were found to be guilty of collusion, would Trump still be supporting their prosecution? Sarah Huckabee Sanders was clearly sick and tired of Karem’s ridiculous questions, and her response was one for the history books.

Sarah Sanders: I’m not going to comment on a hypothetical situation. The President has been clear, he and his campaign were not involved in collusion, if he had, you guys would’ve

Reporter: I’m not asking about him… I’m asking about the people underneath him

Sarah Sanders: Brian… I’m addressing that.

Reporter: But would he support? Would he support the prosecution of…

Sarah Sanders: The president would absolutely support the law and individuals following the law. What the president doesn’t support is a year wasted distracting the world and the country from the great things that are happening in this country. From talking about issues people actually care about. That’s what the President would probably tell you to stay focused on.

Melissa Franic explained on “Outnumbered” that when the press and the current administration have a strained relationship, it may actually be valuable in order to debate issues. She also explained that this was not the case when it came down to this issue.

Francis stated, “What we were watching right there was somebody who wanted to be the clip of the day. He just wanted to be on television. He wanted to be on the network. He wanted to be on the nighttime shows where they parody what was said during the day. I hope the audience out there knows, plain and simple, that’s all that hissy fit was about.”

I’m sure this won’t be the last thing we hear from Karem, but you can be sure that whatever he has to say, Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be there to correct him.


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