Reporter Asks Trump Aide if ISLAM is a Real Religion. You Won’t Believe His Answer


President Trump is taking the battle to radical Muslims. He very conspicuously failed to invite an imam to pray at his inauguration. And many of his key appointments view Islam as a source of terrorism.

All this is fueling speculation that Trump has it out for the Muslim faith.

Well, one of Trump’s deputy assistants, Sebastian Gorka, just added to the rumor mill during an interview on NPR.

The host kept pressing Gorka on whether or not President Trump “believe[s] that Islam is a religion”.

But Gorka refused to be baited, instead telling the interviewer, “I think you should ask him that question. I’m not a spokesperson for the President. I’m a deputy assistant to him.”

He flat out refused to say that Islam is a genuine religion.

What Gorka would say is that the Trump Administration will take a very different approach than the Obama Administration to Islam and Muslim terrorism.

“We’re not going to white it out, delete it as the Obama administration did,” said Gorka. “We understand that groups like ISIS have a religious verbiage, their justification for violence is always religious.”

Political correctness, said Gorka, had prevented Obama from effectively combatting radical Islamic terror. And Trump isn’t going to make the same mistake.

H/T Daily Express

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