Reporter Asks If Trump Is ‘Mentally Unfit’ — Sanders Sends Them Straight To Hell [VIDEO]


A reporter asked Sarah Sanders if President Trump is ‘mentally unfit’ to serve as commander-in-chief, she shredded him apart.

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From Daily Caller:

Sanders was asked by a reporter, “What is the president’s reaction of the suggestions in this book that he is mentally unfit?”


If [Trump] was unfit, he probably would not be sitting there and would not have defeated the most qualified group of candidates the Republican Party has ever seen. This is an incredibly — strong and good leader, that is why we have had such a successful 2017 and why we are going to continue to do great things as we move forward in the administration.

The Hill reported:

While the concerns are being voiced almost exclusively by Trump critics and media figures, public figures openly questioning whether the president is mentally unwell is virtually unprecedented.

But White House denials haven’t stopped the torrent of speculation on cable news about the president’s mental state, which is also being fueled by Trump’s tweet taunting North Korea’s leader over the size of his “nuclear button.”

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Some people have even floated the far-fetched possibility of invoking the 25th Amendment, which allows the vice president and the majority of the Cabinet to remove the president from office if they decide he is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

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