Report: Obama’s Lawyer Expected To Be Indicted


Lawyers for Gregory B. Craig, a White House counsel in the Obama administration, expect him to be indicted in the coming days on charges related to his work for the Russia-aligned government of Ukraine. He would become the FIRST TOP DEMOCRAT charged in a MUELLER-related case.

From washingtonexaminer.com

Former President Barack Obama’s White House counsel Greg Craig expects to be indicted for lying to Justice Department investigators during the Mueller investigation.

He would be the first prominent Democrat to be charged as part of special counsel Mueller’s team’s 22-month probe.

Craig, 74, refused to accept a plea deal, and his case might be sent to a grand jury indictment as soon as Thursday, according to the Wall Street Journal. Craig believes he will be charged for making false statements to the Justice Department unit that handles the activities of foreign agents.

He was twice interviewed by Mueller’s team. The potential charges stem from statements he made about the work he and his then-law firm did in Ukraine in 2012. Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has already been convicted of a slew of charges, some related to his political work in Ukraine.

Here’s a statement from Craig’s lawyers:

“In 2012 Mr. Craig undertook an examination of the Tymoshenko prosecution for the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice as an independent expert on the rule of law, not as an advocate for the client. Mr. Craig and his firm agreed to undertake the task on the condition that their report would be independent. Their report was completed in the fall of 2012. It was critical of the Tymoshenko trial and caused unhappiness in the Ministry of Justice.

“Mr. Craig repeatedly refused requests that he participate in Ukraine’s media and lobbying campaign to promote the Tymoshenko Report. He spoke to reporters at the New York Times and was quoted on the record when the report was about to be released. He did this not at the direction or on behalf of Ukraine but to make certain that the Times would accurately summarize the report’s criticisms of the Tymoshenko trial and not rely on misinformation from Ukraine and its representatives.. He did not lie to his former firm or the government about these conversations. Furthermore, he was told by the FARA unit on January 16, 2014 that he was not required to register under the statute.

“This case was thoroughly investigated by the SDNY and that office decided not to pursue charges against Mr. Craig. We expect an indictment by the DC US Attorney’s Office at the request of the National Security Division. Mr. Craig is not guilty of any charge and the government’s stubborn insistence on prosecuting Mr. Craig is a misguided abuse of prosecutorial discretion.”

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