Report: North Korea Has Been Invaded – Thousands Could Die


North Korean leaders are scrambling. They don’t know what to do.

Less than two weeks before the start of the Winter Olympics in neighboring South Korea, the hermit state has been “invaded” by a devastating outbreak of what’s commonly called “swine flu.”

Over the past month or so, no fewer than 126,574 people in North Korea have come down with the dangerous flu-like disease.

A statement from the World Health Organization read:

“The outbreak of influenza has been wide-spread in the country for more than a period of one month hence deployment of seasonal influenza vaccines to prevent the outbreak has a very limited role.

“Therefore proper case management with a view to preventing complications and mortality remains to be the priority action for this event.”

While swine flu is not particularly deadly, if proper treatment is received, it is more dangerous than the more “common” strains of the flu virus.

Now, North Korea has worked out a deal to participate in the upcoming Winter Olympics, despite ongoing tension with South Korea.

But, if the northerners are going to be bringing swine flu into the Olympic village, organizers might want to think twice about letting them in.

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