Rep. Zeldin Says Democratic Election Plan Is To Call Republicans ‘White Supremacists, Extremists, Nazis’ Every Two Years


Republican New York Rep. Lee Zeldin said Sunday that Democrats’ election strategy is one of labelling their Republican opponents as “whites supremacist, extremists [and] Nazis” during every election cycle.

“They have no problem with that labeling and here they want people to ask themselves why is there still barbed wire around the Capitol, and they say, ‘well, let me tell you about all the people that voted for [former President] Donald Trump and what happened inside the capitol on January 6. That’s what I think it’s about,” he continued. 

Zeldin said the National Guard troops still stationed in Washington, D. C. are part of that display.

“At this point, it feels like it’s about props, politics and power. There’s a narrative that Democrats want to push about Jan. 6 and it… (Read more)

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