Rep. Paul Gosar: DC riot had ‘hallmarks of Antifa provocation’


On Jan. 6, supporters of Donald Trump gathered in Washington D.C. for a protest over baseless claims of electoral fraud. Eventually, people stormed the U.S. Capitol Building as Congress was counting the electoral votes from November 2020’s election.

On his personal Twitter account, Rep. Paul Gosar, retweeted a video posted that claims some of the individuals who stormed the Capitol Building were “dressed up and had knee pads,” made a claim that the incident has “all the hallmarks of Antifa provocation,” without offering any evidence to support that claim.

In another tweet later on, Rep. Gosar appears to blame Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs for the riot at the Capitol.

“Is @katiehobbs (Twitter handle for Secretary of State Hobbs) satisfied with her obstruction now?” Rep. Gosar wrote. “For weeks the people have demanded transparency. Instead they got lies and cover up.”

BuzzFeed News reported that XRVision (the facial recognition company Gaetz is citing) calls this argument “completely false,” saying that they in fact had “identified two members of neo-Nazi organizations and a QAnon supporter among the pro-Trump mob — not Antifa members.”

Earlier Wednesday, thousands of participants of a “Save America” rally marched from the park near the White House to the Capitol steps and forced their way past police into the building. Animated by the false belief that the election had been stolen from President Donald Trump and encouraged by the man himself — as well as a host of Republicans, including Sens. Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, who were leading the effort to oppose the Electoral College count meant to have gone on Wednesday — protesters entered the building.

They broke windows, attacked police officers, and ultimately stalled the business of the day: acknowledging the reality of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

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