Rep. Kat Cammack: Joe Biden Has Become ‘Trafficker-In-Chief’ Of Southern Border ‘Crisis’


Congresswoman Kat Cammack, R-Fla., called out her Democrat colleagues Thursday for calling the border situation anything but a “crisis,” telling “The Story” the Biden administration should have followed Trump’s lead.

REP. CAMMACK: There’s a better way to do this. 

It’s what the Trump Administration was doing. It was the most humane, compassionate and normal way for putting Americans first, our national security first. I would challenge Representative [Veronica] Escobar to actually call this what it is, a crisis. It’s not a situation. It’s a crisis. Just 24 hours ago I was there in Mission, Texas. 

I saw firsthand young girls under the age of 10 that had been gang-raped. They had been screaming so loud that their vocal cords had given out. 

This is a humanitarian crisis. I can’t even in good conscience call President Biden president, I have to call him “traffi… (Read more)

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