Rep. Ilhan Omar is “Waging an Unholy War,” Must Leave Congress Immediately


Rep. Ilhan Omar is again coming under heavy fire for her blatant hostility toward not only Israel, but the Jewish people.

A noted Evangelical Christian leader is demanding that Omar either resign or otherwise be removed from office over her anti-Israel and anti-Semitic remarks.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore, president of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations, had this to say:

“Ilhan Omar is waging an unholy war against the Jewish people from Congress. She is about to learn that the Jewish people don’t stand alone, millions of people of faith and conscience stand with the Jewish people. We will neither sleep nor slumber as she uses the heart of American democracy and freedom to defame God’s chosen people and God’s chosen land.

“Ilhan Omar tricked her electorate into voting for her by lying about her support for Israel. She supports the destruction of the State of Israel and is a virulent anti-Semite with close connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. As American patriots and people of faith, we cannot afford to standby as she continues to sow religious hatred. Proclaiming Justice to The Nations has launched a nationwide petition demanding her immediate resignation. We will continue to act as a firewall around the Jewish people, whenever Jew hatred arises, because their God is our God and their values are our values.”

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