Remove Jesus Please. Student Asked to Remove Jesus on Paper


Heather Watts told television station WECT that a teacher asked her daughter, “Can’t you write about something different?”

Watts told the television station that she met with her daughter’s teacher and principal, but the issue had not been resolved.

In an official statement, Kent Lovett, the school’s principal, said the student approached the teacher for guidance on the paper early in the writing process. The teacher asked the student if she wanted to stay with that subject, or chose another.

“The student expressed her desire to keep Jesus as her hero, and the teacher replied, ‘Okay, that will be fine.’ As the conversation proceeded, the teacher assisted the student in gathering and organizing her ideas so that she could continue, which she did after returning to her seat,” Lovett said.

But while the eRumor is true, some versions of it on Facebook include photos that allegedly show an “F” or other red markings on the paper, which are false.

A real example of the eRumor as it has appeared on the Internet:

H/T: Truth or Fiction

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