Remorse: One-Fifth Of Voters Who Supported Biden In 2020 Now Regret Their Decision


Amplified by the botched American withdrawal from Afghanistan, the border crisis, high inflation, and a poor economic recovery, one-fifth of Biden-voters regret voting for President Joe Biden, according to a new survey from Zogby Analytics.

The survey, conducted online just before the collapse of Kabul, found that 29% of Republicans who voted for Biden regretted voting for him, 21% of Democratic voters regretted their vote, and 14% of independent voters regretted supporting Biden.

Younger voters were more likely to regret their vote, as were men, Hispanic voters, black voters, and urban voters, Zogby discovered.

After coming into the White House with high approval marks, Biden has been plagued by an ongoing migrant crisis — which has seen more than 1 million migrants enter the U. S. under his watch, including nearly 100,000 unaccompanied minors — a surge in COVID-19 cases, and an inflation spike. Making makers worse, the economic recovery has not been as fierce as Biden promised, resulting in disappointing jobs reports month after month.

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