Remember When Obama Dishonored US Marines by Saluting With a CUP?


Donald Trump is receiving his first salutes from US military personnel as their new commander-in-chief.

And he is making sure to show our men and women in uniform the honor they deserve by respectfully saluting them right back.

Oh, how different that is from the way Barack Obama treated our military.

No moment more poignantly demonstrated Obama’s disdain for the military than when he saluted two US Marines with a cup of latte.

It was back in 2014, and Obama was arriving in New York for a gathering on global warming. As he stepped off Marine One, two US Marines saluted the president, as protocol demands.

Obama couldn’t even be bothered to move his cup of coffee to his left hand so he could properly return the salute.

He just casually lifted the cup of coffee in the faces of the two Marines and moved on.

A total disgrace.

A video posted by The White House (@whitehouse) on

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