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Remember ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed? He Just Got Really BAD NEWS


A Texas judge this week gave Ahmed Mohamed and his father, Mohamed Mohamed, some pretty bad news.

You may remember Ahmed Mohamed as “clock boy,” a Texas high school student who was briefly arrested for carrying what appeared to be a bomb in his backpack.

The liberal mainstream media at the time had a field day with Mohamed’s arrest.

They insisted it was because he’s Arab that authorities took such drastic action.

So outraged were liberals that President Obama even invited Ahmed and his family to the White House and held them aloft as national heroes.

Very few paid attention to the fact that Ahmed had indeed brought to school a very suspicious looking object. And that a child of any race would have been questioned for doing so.

But some like the Blaze and Fox News did point out those facts. They also strongly suggested that the entire episode had been a set-up. That Ahmed and his father has purposely concealed a clock to make it look like a bomb knowing police would get involved and they could then cry “racism!”

Ahmed’s intolerant father, Mohamed Mohamed, tried to sue them for saying so.

But Dallas County District Court Judge Maricela Moore demanded that Mohamed’s lawyer produce any evidence whatsoever that the conservative media pundits had said anything false.

After what was described as an “embarrassing” 15-minutes of flipping through her papers, Mohamed’s lawyer was forced to admit there was no such evidence.

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Judge Moore immediately threw out the case.

H/T The Daily Caller

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