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Remember Beanie Babies? Check Your House, They Could Make You RICH and Retire Now!


I remember when I was a kid I used to save my money and once I reached a whopping total of $10-$20, I’d go to the local toy store and buy a Ty Beanie Baby. Because back in the 90’s, they were the ISH. And I even had quite a collection that could fit a small suitcase. And my mom actually supported my Beanie Baby addiction because I convinced her that “Someday they will be worth something!”

Well, sadly, I’m pretty sure my mom forgot about that little tidbit and gave them away at some point, which is quite unfortunate because it appears that not only are some Beanie Babies “worth something” now….they are worth A LOTTTTTT!

Get ready to have your mind blown.

Princess Diana Purple Bear – It’s worth $75,000 on ebay.

Curly Bear Original Beanie Baby – Now worth a cool $24,500!

Valentino Beanie Bear – He’s fetching a lovely $19,000.

Peace Bear – Peace out guys, he’s worth $5,000

Millennium Mint Bear – He could give you $5,000 in extra dollars.

Now we just need to find them in the garage…

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