RED ALERT: Russian Nuclear Submarines Swarming the Mediterranean Sea


Russian President Vladimir Putin is up to something, and that something looks to include preparations for a possible future war against America for control of or influence over the Middle East.

Rear Admiral Andrew Lennon, NATO’s submarine forces commander, revealed to the Daily Express:

“Russian submarine activity is higher now in the last three years than it has been since the cold war.

“What we have observed over the past three years are more deployments annually of Russian submarines away from their local waters than we have observed in the prior decade.”

That’s the most likely conclusion to a major boost in Russian nuclear submarine activity in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

This activity is a major potential threat to Europe, as well as American naval forces operating in the region.

Russia and the US have been at odds over how to handle the ongoing breakup of Syria and other conflicts in the Middle East, with Moscow generally siding with Iran and its allies.

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