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REAL Syrian Refugee Delivers POWERFUL REBUKE of Barack Obama


So many damning revelations about Barack Obama are coming out.

It’s nothing short of a miracle that he didn’t managed to completely bury America during his eight years in the White House.

Sadly, Obama did contribute heavily to the destruction of other people’s homes.

And then covered it up, or completely ignored it as if such tragedies don’t matter.

One such victim of Obama is Kassem Eid, a genuine refugee from Syria who survived a Sarin gas attack in 2013.

This was AFTER Obama publicly issued a “red line” against the Syrian regime employing chemical weapons.

Eid, like so many other Syrian victims, was DEVASTATED to learn that Obama’s red line was completely meaningless.

And like so many other Syrias, Eid has renewed hope now that President Trump is in the White House.

Listen in:

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H/T Gateway Pundit

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