Rapper Snoop Dogg Labels 11 Black Conservatives “The Coon Bunch” in Offensive Meme


Rapper Snoop Dogg labeled 11 black conservatives as “the coon bunch” in a vile instagram meme.

According to, coon’s slang meaning is:

“Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a contemptuous term used to refer to a black person” or “a rustic or undignified person.”

Included in the group are several prominent Trump supporters. Here is the full list.

Terrence K. Williams

Candace Owens

Herman Cain

David Harris Jr.

Angela Stanton

Paris Dennard

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Pastor Darrell Scott

Hodge Twins

Diamond and Silk

In addition to the group of Trump supporters there is a raccoon on the meme labeled “Massa.”

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Angela Stanton replied on Twitter, writing “If I’m a Coon @SnoopDogg what’s this?!”

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